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We know that you want your car, truck, or sports utility vehicle to always run at peak performance. You can count on us to deliver the quick and affordable automotive services you need.

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We offer a large array of auto mechanic services in the Abbotsford area. We focus on such a large amount of services because we always want to be there for our loyal customers.

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Creative Team

At our repair facility, we provide a host of automotive services that place you back behind the wheel in no time. From repairs and replacements to diagnostics and scheduled maintenance.

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Auto AC Repair

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cool air flowing through the interior of your car, truck, or sports utility vehicle. At Auto Services Inc, our skilled and experienced team of dedicated auto mechanics provides the auto AC repair in Abbotsford, that you need to make sure your air conditioning works at full capacity at all times.

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Auto Brakes Repair

You use the brakes in your vehicle every day, and those components can easily become worn down over time and break. You need a professional eye to diagnose the most affordable method of fixing your auto brake service needs, but you can easily tell when your brakes are in need of repair. From squeaking noises to sluggish response times.

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Customers know that they can always count on our team of suspension repair experts to handle the type of job needed to repair their broken or damaged suspension systems. Your vehicle’s suspension consists of an intricate network of components designed to cooperate with each other, so you need an experienced professional to handle the repair work.

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Among the best shops for auto body repair in Abbotsford is Avenue Body Shop. An experienced body mechanic will have the ability to extend a complete diagnostic review of your own rig. Following are some examples of the numerous pollution prevention alternatives for auto body and auto service shops. Also check some prior jobs done by the automobile body shop.

Auto Body Shop

Our fully equipped collision mechanic can deal with your auto body repair requirements. In the very long run, your vehicle will be more fortunate for it. You should attempt to locate an auto body mechanic in a handy location-either near your workplace, your property, your gym, or a different place you frequentif not call for a tow truck and towing services . You must always keep the quantity of the body shop handy in order to don’t should look here and there during an emergency.

If the shop features collision repair or accident repair, then they need to also supply services associated with fixing minor scratch or dent and other car services. The installation was extremely quick. It is usually better to select a shop that provides diverse support. After an accident whenever you are searching for a body shop you are able to trust, look no more. Bring your car or truck by for a completely free auto collision along with your auto body painting requirements! At Avenue Body Shop, we do our best to use the most recent technology to safely and totally fix your car after an automobile accident. In regards to collision fixing, selecting a suitable body shop is a must. Involved in an auto accident and not sure where to turn? Give a call to to leading car accident lawyer Jeff Killino. of Killino firm.

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